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The only thing worse than having a legal problem is having a legal problem and being unable to speak the language. Perdomo Klukosky Associates provides legal translation Spanish to English, as well as legal translation English to Spanish.

If you are in need of a Spanish legal translator in NYC, Perdomo Klukosky Associates is the law firm for you. Fran Perdomo is a managing partner in the firm who is adept at providing Spanish legal translation for civil law, business law, translations in court and translations for other law firms.

Civil Law

Traffic tickets, Visa issues and rental leases are all examples of civil law where Spanish legal translation in NYC is needed. Many times, these legal issues arise because an immigrant does not understand his or her rights or the language.

A routine traffic stop can become a nightmare for a non-English speaking person in NYC. Perdomo Klukosky Associates specializes in Spanish legal translation in the civil courtroom. Fran Perdomo, our Spanish legal translator in NYC, can also provide you with the translator help you need to prepare your will, trust or estate distribution.

Business Law

Having a Spanish legal translator is necessary for business law matters. Perdomo Klukosky Associates provides legal translation Spanish to English and legal translation English to Spanish in all aspects of business law. This includes:

  • Small Business Law- We provide help with all aspects of small business law including translating all legal start-up papers, translating contracts and rental-equipment lease agreements.

  • Corporate Law- Keeping up with the various day-to-day legal requirements for a corporation can be time-consuming. This holds true for those clients who speak English as a second language, or speak very limited English. The legal language is difficult to understand under any circumstance. Let Perdomo Klukosky Associates provide your legal translation needs.

  • Trademark Law and Intellectual Property Law- Creating an idea or piece of music or art is just the first step in the creative process. Measures need to be taken to protect your intellectual property. Our legal translators protect you and your property.

Additionally, we provide Spanish legal translation lawyers for commercial litigation, film and movie law, music law and literary rights law.

Translations in Court

Testifying in court can be scary under any type of circumstance. Not speaking the language is a huge barrier. Perdomo Klukosky Associates provides Spanish legal translation in NYC in court. We believe people should not lose their right to testify on their own behalf because they either do not speak the language or do not understand what is being said.

Often, during a breach of contract court hearing or an immigration court hearing, the person not speaking the language loses simply because he or she did not understand what the court was asking.

Translations for Other Law Firms

Whether our clients are called to testify for another law firm or whether another law firm needs our legal translator help, Perdomo Klukosky Associates and Fran Perdomo are willing to help. We understand how difficult it is to navigate the system.

We even help other law firms with legal translation English to Spanish in other countries, such as the Dominican Republic. Our attention to service has resulted in many top-rated musicians, singers, writers and athletes from the Dominican Republic requesting our services.

If you need Spanish legal translation in NYC, the Dominican Republic, or legal translation Spanish to English, call Perdomo Klukosky Associates for a legal consultation. We can be reached in the United States at 212-274-1261.

Those clients needing our services in the Dominican Republic can reach us at
829-229-1545. Your consultation is private.

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