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Entertainment law is a field of law that deals specifically with the entertainment industry. Entertainment lawyers are experienced in contracts, copyrights, and other matters that are often faced by those in the entertainment industry. Our clients range from production companies, record labels, independent authors, publishing companies, bands, actors, etc.

Perdomo Klukosky and Associates is available to help clients through any situation pertaining to the legal side of the entertainment business. We know the legal side of the entertainment world. We make sure our clients know what they need to be aware of, and we make sure they are covered in all areas necessary.

  • We negotiate contracts between a author who is selling their book to a publishing company.

  • We advise advertising companies on legal issues regarding controversial ad campaigns.

  • We act as representatives for companies or individuals.

  • We work with artists and record labels, putting together anything from music festivals to tours, to ensure that all laws are followed abroad.

Television and Radio

Lawyers working with the television and radio sectors may come into contact with licensing issues frequently; broadcast licensing gives the rights to a particular radio frequency, and mechanical license gives the rights to something like a song, published item, etc. We may negotiate contracts between individuals and companies, or between two companies. We can also create distribution agreements, and work out regulatory issues.

Talent Agreements

A talent agreement records the promises of all those involved with an entertainment endeavor. We navigate everyone through the process of creating the talent agreement which outlines responsibilities, rights of ownership, royalties, earnings, etc. Learn more by visiting Film and Movie Law.

Theater Law

Lawyers needed in relation to theater could provide assistance with rental agreements for buildings, equipment, costumes, props, and anything having to do with theater production. We can also negotiate contracts with actors, crew members, and the production company.

Film and Movie Law

We are knowledgeable and experienced in helping you with contracts for actors, studios, production companies, and more. We can work out financial arrangements, liability, and copyright issues. Learn more by visiting Film and Movie Law.

Music Law

Entertainment lawyers work with those in the music industry to negotiate licensing and royalty agreements between artists and recording companies. Lawyers also work with artist to protect their work through copyrighting and intellectual property issues. Lawyers also work with those involved with musical performances; liability waivers, rental agreements, contracts, and other legal documents to ensure performances go smoothly. Learn more by visiting Music Law.

Writing and Publishing

Lawyers work with authors and publishing companies concerning copyright laws, advertising, intellectual property issues, etc. From an author’s first book, a lawyer will guide them through the process of protecting their work, negotiating contracts, and any subsequent work that the author performs.

A publishing company benefits from the use of a lawyer to protect themselves from copyright infringement laws, and to have the legal guidance concerning advertising, media, agents, printing companies, and more. Learn more by visiting Literary Rights.


Lawyers help with matters concerning advertising substantiation, making sure that what is advertised is true. Lawyers also help advertising agencies create contracts with clients and other outside agents who work to bring together an advertising campaign.

Internet New Media

Lawyers provide legal protection for intellectual property and help navigate the legal rights surrounding new media content on the Internet. Learn more by visiting New Media Law.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is something that someone owns that is not always tangible. Songs, movie scripts, and book manscripts, fashion brands, brand logos, etc. are all things that would qualify as intellectual property.

Intellectual property must be protected. We can help you with drafting contracts and registering your rights to keep your intellectual property safely guarded. Learn more by visiting Intellectual Property.

Publicity Agreements

Right of publicity deals with protecting a person’s personality or persona. Celebrities work hard to make their name and image famous, and an NYC entertainment lawyer works to protect it from others who may try to profit from it without consent. Even after death, lawyers will still work to protect a person’s right of publicity.

Visual Art and Design

Visual Art and design could encompass many forms of art, and entertainment lawyers could work with any of these. Lawyers would assist artist in obtaining copyrights for their works. They would advise artist in displaying and selling their work by creating contracts and protecting their rights of publicity at the same time.

Entertainment Lawyers in NYC

Working in any of the fields above could hold considerable risk without the right representation, and no amount of experience in the entertainment industry is enough to dismiss the need for legal advice. Having an NYC entertainment lawyer on your side can guide a person or company through the first steps of business through years of contracts and legalities.

When entering the entertainment industry, the amount of paperwork and legal jargon could overwhelm a person, which is where a lawyer can become a valuable asset to ensure success in the industry, whereas a company that has been in the business for years needs a lawyer to keep them up to date on the changing laws and regulations and to assure that everything is kept legal.

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