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On Location Contracts

Whenever a film is shot “on location,” it means that they are shooting it in an area that is not the studio. Whether this location is on private property or on a street in the middle of town, there are legal hoops that must be jumped through before the film crew can begin filming. An on location contract should be signed by both parties and written by entertainment lawyers focusing in on location contracts.

What is An On Location Contract?

An on location contract is a legally binding document stating all of the facts of the film shoot. It is a legal document that protects both the landowner and the filming agency. The details of the document will vary depending on the location as well as the film. An on location contract lawyer will help both parties come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial.

According to Francelina Perdomo, our Managing Partner, most on location contracts give a time frame of how long the film crew can be at the location as well as any loopholes if extenuating circumstances come up that prevent the film from being completed on time. For instance, if a film crew has 3 months to finish but 2 months in a huge blizzard hits, halting production, then there should be a clause in the contract that will extend the period due to unforeseen circumstances.

The contract will also state where the crew can be, for example, if they are on private property, then the contract may state that they have free roam on the property but the home itself is off-limits. This protects not only the film crew’s rights but the property owner as well.

There are also monetary benefits to the landowner with an on location contract. The contract will state exactly how much the film company will pay the landowner and when. For instance, the film company may pay a partial payment up front and the rest upon completion, or they may pay it all in one lump sum depending on what is agreed on in the on location contract. This also protects the film company stating what the price of each element of the film will cost; if they stay on location longer than expected, the added fees will be calculated into the contract so there will be no surprises on either end.

Who Should Have an On Location Contract?

Everyone who is involved in a film production that is shot on location should have an on location contract lawyer draft up the on location contract. This includes both the film crew and the landowner or city where the film is shot. The benefit to the film crew will be that they will be able to roam wherever they need to on the property without any repercussions. At the same time, the landowner will be able to set boundaries that will protect both parties. The landowner will also benefit by the film crew setting an acceptable time frame and payment for the use of their property.

Who Can Draft an On Location Contract?

Only lawyers focusing in on location contracts should draft an on location contract for either party. The contractual lawyer is trained and experienced in all matters of legal documents. They are qualified to handle anything that involves business contracts, which essentially is an on location contract. Each party should have their own attorney in order to prevent favoritism to one party or the other. When each party has their own attorney, they are sure to get the contract that is mutually beneficial to each other.

When anyone is faced with the opportunity of being any part of an on location film shoot, they must have an on location contract filed within the county of filming. This contract should be filed before the filming process begins, before the crew even arrives on location. When this contract is filed properly, then each party will benefit from the filming process.

Please contact the entertainment lawyers at Perdomo Klukosky and Associates for a consultation regarding your on location contracts in NYC needs.

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