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Film Crew Contracts

The entertainment industry is riddled with various career opportunities for those who wish to be on a film crew. The problems arise; however, when the production company says they were to pay 'x' crew member 'y' amount for services rendered but 'x' crewmember wants more money or less hours. This is where film crew contracts come into play. An experienced film crew contract lawyer helps to negotiate all of the fine print of the job from the money, the hours to the length of employment. Every aspect of the current production is agreed upon before the production begins.

What is A Film Crew Contract?

A film crew contract is a legal document that states the various roles of both film crewmembers and a production agency. First, it protects the film crewmember. It provides a set wage, the hours that the employee will work and how long the production will last. It also lays out a pay scale that pertains to a certain amount of hours and then an additional overtime pay scale that states how much the member will make after the initial hours have been reached. Various duties of the crewmember will also be covered in the agreement to ensure the crewmember knows exactly what their job entails for the duration of the production. In any film crew contract, it should also state a full job description complete with duties, expectations and who is in charge of whom throughout the crew.

Not only does the contract protect the employees' best interests, but the production company as well. When the pay scale and any benefits are set in stone in a legally binding document, the company will not be subject to surprises when it comes to how much money the crewmember is paid or the job description of the crewmember.

If extenuating circumstances arise, then the contract can be renegotiated. Aspects like pay and the time spent on the job can change and when they do, both parties should be able to agree to extend or amend the contract.

Who Needs A Film Crew Contract

Those who require the film crew contract will vary depending on the crew as well as the production itself. Sometimes, the entire crew will have one large contract, while other times, each crew member individually will have their own contract. In some cases, each position will have their own contract as well.

When each member of the film crew has the same qualifications, experience and pay grade, they can all be named on one contract. The same goes for when there are multiple members in one position. There can be one contract for all the members as long as they all agree to the same stipulations. When each crewmember has their own priorities and their own qualifications; then they each need their own contract.

Who Can Prepare A Film Crew Contract?

Only qualified and experienced lawyers focusing on film crew contracts can prepare this type of contract. Attorneys who are experienced in both contractual and entertainment laws are the ones that should always prepare this type of document.

Each side of the film crew contract should have their lawyers focusing on film crew contracts on their side. They should know both how to draft contracts and focus on entertainment law. This dispels any conflict of interest that could arise from one attorney handling both sides. While all parties of the crew can have one attorney, it should be a different attorney and law firm than the one who handles legal matters for the production agency.

Contracts are important in any industry. They help to set in stone what is expected of all parties and what the compensation will be for tasks completed. When there is an experienced and qualified film crew contract lawyer handling the fine print, the filing and the negotiating, every party knows that they are going to have a fair contract that benefits both the member of the film crew and the production agency.

Please contact us, and for a consultation with Francelina Perdomo, our Managing Partner, regarding your entertainment law contract needs and film crew contracts in NYC.

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