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Actor Deal Memos

Actor Deal Memos

Occasionally an actor may enter into an agreement with an employer that requires a less formal means of consensus versus a traditional contract, also known as an Actor Deal Memo. An Actor Deal Memo Lawyer has knowledge of both formal and informal agreements and can assist actors with the review and agreement of the employment terms of their Actor Deal Memo.

What is an Actor Deal Memo?

An Actor Deal Memo is a somewhat less formal employment contract, usually implemented by independent producers. Because they are less formal, they generally contain significantly less wording than traditional contracts, but are still binding. Under this agreement, actors are given significant details of their assignment including terms of employment, financial compensation, assignment details and miscellaneous provisions such as meals and travel, etc.

An Actor Deal Memo can be drafted for both union and non-union members.

Who May Need Help With an Actor Deal Memo?

  • Actors
  • Producers
  • and more

Is the Help of an Actor Deal Memo Lawyer Necessary?

Though an actor deal memo is an informal contract, it is still legally binding, which means it is still subject to the same legal ramifications as traditional contracts. Not to mention, because it is a business document, it may still contain complex wording and industry jargon, which may not be as easily understood by all parties.

A Law Firm for Actor Deal Memos works closely with actors during the agreement negotiation process to help ensure they understand and agree to the terms and conditions as set apart in the memo, before signing. They also serve as mediators during disputes and disagreements, which may occur as a result of a breach of contract.

Memo Legitimacy

The more details an Actor Deal Memo contains, the more enforceable it is. For example, a memo that contains relevant and specific details such as your name, the complete details of your job, the exact name of the producer, their actual address and even their social security number as well as the producer's exact signature is more substantial than a memo that simply states the actor's name and the title of the project etc.

An attorney knowledgeable in Entertainment Law can review your Actor Deal Memo for imperative information to ensure the document is legit and admissible in the court of law.

Terms of Employment

The terms of employment specified in the Actor Deal Memo sets the foundation for the actor's work schedule; therefore, it is necessary to understand the work schedule before committing. An Entertainment Law attorney can review the memo to ensure it contains appropriate details such as precise start and end dates of the project as well as conditions for postponement and cancellation notifications, so the actor plans accordingly. In the event of delays and setbacks, the attorney can help negotiate a fair compensation for missed work and more.


The salary portion of the memo provides details about compensation for actor services, including the amount being paid for period of time such as weekly, daily, hourly as well as the number of hours a day such as 8, 10 or 12, etc. Most state laws require salaries to be issued no more than 7 days following the pay period. If the said actor is employed in a state that requires payment no longer than 7 days after the pay period, and the actor has yet to receive payment, a Law Firm for Actor Deal Demos can assist with a resolution. They can also help negotiate a fair salary, including overtime payments.

Assignment of Rights and Credits

It is important for actors to understand that as part of their agreement, producers may be given certain or all rights to completed services. This is including rights to picture, voice, name and likeness of the actor in relation to production, without actor compensation. A Law Firm for Actor Deal Demos can review the terms and conditions of the memo to help ensure the actor understands these rights as well as assist in the negotiation of a fair compensation for their service.

Legal Assistance is Extremely Useful in Actor Deal Demo Matters

Because an Actor Deal Memo is less formal than a traditional contract, it could prompt individuals involved to regard it as less serious, which could result in quickly skimmed and hastily written documents void of vital details. However, since an Actor Deal Demo is legally binding, it is just as important to understand and honor the terms of the memo as it is for traditional contracts, to avoid legal consequences.

A Law Firm for Actor Deal Memos provides the legal knowledge necessary to help actors gain a clear understanding of the details and obligations of their memo before signing to help ensure they get the most out of their agreement. And in the event of a misunderstanding, our attorneys can assist the actor with creative solutions for resolving the issue, so they are never alone in the process. In a breach of contract, we can also assist the wronged party recoup losses.

Let Perdomo, Klukosky and Associates help take the guesswork out of signing your next Actor Deal Memo or production company contract. Please contact our office for assistance today.

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